It’s All About the Balance

When I see an image that makes me stop and take notice, I take a moment to take in its’ beauty. I know in that moment I am in the present. I didn’t always know this…and I didn’t always stop.

In this fast food, deadline oriented, digital age, we have so many things that pull us, pull us out from ourselves and into the world. It is so easy to get lost out there and lose our internal compass. We sometimes lose our place in the distractions of all that goes on around us.

So what do I do to pull out of it? For me, it takes a few deep breadths with my eyes closed to go inside and just realize I am in my body. I feel my feet on the ground and know that I am balanced. From there, I can look out and see the beauty around me.

After all, isn’t this what we are all striving for, just a little bit of balance?

How do you know when You are balanced?