5 Tricks for Fast Headache Relief

How many of us get those stressful headaches that build slowly while we’re in a meeting, playing with our children or just trying to get some work done? Wouldn’t it be nice to rub a few areas on our bodies to bring instant relief?

Here are a few things to do when you are dealing with this kind of pain.

1) Slightly pull the skin away from the bridge of the nose and hold gently for 30 seconds.

2) Move jaw back and forth, thrust forward, and open mouth wide as you can. Repeat until jaw feels loose.

3) Rub and pull ears (have fun with this) to stimulate the energy in the entire body, not just the head.

4) Try and touch your elbows behind your back; relax in between tries!

5) Pinch the webbing between thumb and first finger, hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat on both hands several times.

This distributes the energy (or Chi) evenly and decreases stagnation that builds in areas of the body that cause discomfort. When all else fails, find a hill, and roll down like you used to as a child. If you still have the headache, at least you had fun!!