Gene Keys Guide

Gene Keys Guide

What if you had a treasure map to your higher purpose?

How would your life change if you could unlock the inner calling that is hidden in your DNA?

Fortunately, you can! The Gene Keys brings together astrological calculations and the Chinese I Ching, culminating in practical wisdom that you can access for ultimate self-discovery. It demonstrates the great potential that lies within you so that you can bring it to fruition.

After you get your free profile, you’ll receive a blueprint that reveals not only who you are and how you operate, but also why you are here.

You have a Hologenetic Profile, which is a unique sacred geometry that is embedded within you and your DNA. Armed with this revealing information about yourself, you can walk in your authenticity, pursue the path your soul is yearning for, and awaken to the greatest version of yourself.

What is a Gene Keys Reading?

The Gene Keys reveals powerful aspects about your purpose, relationships, and prosperity so you can work on the areas you feel called to heal and improve, and then ultimately, it awakens your genius in all of these areas.

But once you have your Hologenetic Profile, there is an art to understanding how to read your chart and decipher what it is revealing to you. That’s where I come in!

As a Certified Gene Keys Guide, I will assist you in understanding your activation, venus, and pearl sequences.

Like an astrological reading (but powered with more potent, actionable wisdom), you’ll walk away with some key insights that can catapult you into your next level of personal awakening.

Here’s How a Gene Keys Reading Works

  1. Create your free Hologenetic Profile here.
  2. Contact Me to set up a Gene Keys Reading (we can do it through Zoom or in person).