Arcturian Light Healing Method

Acturian Light Healing Method

What if your body could heal at an accelerated rate?

Would you like to raise your vibration and ascend into a higher consciousness?

If you’re a healer, would you like to raise your consciousness even higher so you can provide even more value for your clients?

Arcturian Light Healing Method is here to support the healing process and to raise your vibration to a new level of consciousness.

  • For clients, it brings in frequencies that help the body heal.
  • For healers, it enhances and accelerates the healing work you already do.

Who Are the Arcturians?

The Acturians are interdimensional beings from the star system, Arcturus, who are helping humanity ascend in this time of awakening. They are advanced healers and have developed numerous energy healing technologies to assist us.

What is Arcturian Light Healing Method?

Developed by Gene Ang, PhD, Arcturian Light Healing Method is not a new method of energy healing but is instead meant to accelerate and enhance the healing work you already do or that your body is already undergoing.

During your session, you will be attuned to the Arcturian Healing Light (AHL), which will enhance your spiritual awareness, accelerate your evolution, and enrich your energy healing work.

The Arcturian Healing Light can assist with the following and more:

  • Life path alignment
  • Life functioning upgrade
  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Mental healing
  • Spiritual healing

Your Arcturian Light Healing session will also include the 10 Arcturian Healing Principles, which provide so many additional benefits, including:

  • Being able to shift an experience or issue to a more optimal one.
  • Creating a spin torsion field so that you can manifest or de-manifest conditions.
  • Changing the timeline of an issue to a more beneficial one.
  • Applying Arcturian Symbols for health and healing.
  • Creating information transfers with healing images and symbols.
  • Being given an Arcturian symbol for healing and meditation.
  • Accessing a symbol that will allow you to journey trans-dimensionally in consciousness through Arcturian stargates.
  • Working with specific Arcturian Healing Guides.

During the attunement, Laurie will also place an energetic Arcturian Golden Star and a Purple Sphere in your heart center, which will allow you to transmit the AHL for others.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Energy Healing Practice?

“Laurie’s abilities go beyond her incredible knowledge of her field and the many techniques she uses when working with a client. It is her ability to feel, understand, and accept the energy flows from each of her clients that truly makes the experience of working with Laurie unique and fulfilling. Through many generations and cultures, healers have been revered in their communities for their gifts. Laurie has these gifts.”